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Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program

Become a Stroke Peer Volunteer

The Stroke Peer Support Volunteer Program is a follow up call service provided by the hospital in coordination with the Nebraska Stroke Association and the American Heart Association. This program consists of trained volunteers who are stroke survivors themselves to provide support to recent stroke survivors and caregivers across the state. 

Steps to becoming a stroke peer volunteer at your local hospital

1. Complete an application for the Volunteer Program at your local hospital, including a confidentiality agreement due to patient privacy laws.

2. Complete an interview with the program coordinator.

3. Complete the Stroke Peer Support Volunteer training module.

4. If your local hospital requires a volunteer test, you would need to complete and pass that test.

*Please note that some hospitals may require a background check for new volunteers.

Link for the American Heart Association online training module:

  • This is a consent form required to participate in the program

  • This is a call log to utilize to record what the stroke survivor is experiencing and potential resources needed.

  • The peer volunteer will complete a stroke peer satisfaction survey to receive feedback on the effectiveness and benefits of the program.

  • The peer volunteer may reference various call script options when completing peer-to-peer mentoring visits. This includes a list of potential questions as well as medical questions to help understand how that stroke survivor is doing after their stroke as well as what education they may need.

  • The AHA outlines the responsibilities of a stroke peer support volunteer, along with tips for what to avoid. This also provides an overview of who stroke presents, common interventions, the emotional impact of stroke, and issues that stroke survivors and their caregivers may be experiencing in navigating their condition.