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NEW! Stroke Risk Factors 

Stroke Risk Factor Chart
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Stroke Camp 

2014 Stroke Camp Is Coming!

The 'Car Smash' was the first fundraiser for the 2014 Stroke Camp which is tentatively planned for August 2014 at Camp Joy Holling outside of Ashland.  This is a project of Theta Chi Fraternity and led by Greg Jeffery. 

See the pictures below.  Click on a picture to make it bigger.  Click > to go forward, < to go back and X to quit. 

Make plans now to attend the our Stroke Camp Fundraiser...

Mary Kay Pampers Stroke Survivors and Caregivers At Stroke Camp 2012!

Retreat & Refresh
Stroke Camp 2012


This is good summary of the camp @ the Carol Joy Holling Conference Center just north of Mahoney State Park, on the dry Platte River (it is part of 2-3 centers run by Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM).

The freshman class from Union College took over most of the outlying buildings & activities. Despite spotty shower & humidity, Lori and I did make it out  in a paddle boat and I in a canoe.


A Camping Experience for Stroke Survivors &Their Caregivers



For dozens of stroke survivors from all over the state, a weekend away at camp is just what the doctor ordered.

It's called "Retreat and Refresh" stroke camp, and it gives survivors a chance to connect with each other as they recover.

At camp, they work with arts and crafts, music therapy, and even facials. Some say it brings a feeling of togetherness to the process. Ed Brogie is a stroke survivor, he says, "family becomes more important, your spiritual connection becomes more important. And in camp like this, you get to meet people that are in the same situation that you are so you don't feel like an island."

This years Camp went until Sunday afternoon, 8/19/2012.

Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp provides an opportunity for stroke survivors, caregivers and family members to experience a camping weekend. Activities are designed specifically for campers offering opportunities for education, socialization, relaxation and support.

Read a letter from one attendee...

View A Channel 8 Video of the 2012 Event... (you DO have to suffer throught a 30 second commercial first)


View a collection of drum circle videos taken from various cameras during the Lincoln, Nebraska, Stroke Camp in August. of 2011  They are NOT in the youtube Public Library.  You must have these direct links to view them, so that keeps them private. (you may share the links to anyone else if you wish).  

View Photos from last Year's Stroke Camp... 
Read Stroke Survivor Stories...

Educational sessions are facilitated by professional medical staff, including: 

  • Coping techniques
  • Roundtable discussions with professionals
  • Problem-solving seminars
  • New medical treatments and nutritional information
  • Feedback from other can't members that may be aware of new information

Free time and rest time daily, which can also include:

  • Pampering (manicures, pedicures, massages etc.)
  • Personal quiet time (reading, napping, journaling etc.)
  • Nature trails (walking, birdwatching etc.)
  • Assisted outdoor activities (golfing, fishing etc.)
  • Rides around the campgrounds

Opportunities to interact with other stroke survivors and caregivers through activities such as:

  • Crafts (jewelry, painting, shirt design, musical instruments etc.)
  • Music in skits (singing around the campfire, skits by staff etc.)
  • Professional entertainment
  • Games and movies (Wii, board games, long games etc.)

Opportunities for individual support in group sessions including:

  • Peer discussion groups
  • Aphasia, speech memory support
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Volunteer and survivor partnership to provide caregiver relief

Learn More...

ASP Opportunity 

Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) is seeking individuals with disabilities to be members of Their ATP Advisory Council.   
Learn More...

Special Stroke Study!!! 

Stroke Survivors are invited to particpate in a study of  "Somatosensory and Motor Function in Individuals with Cerebral Stroke Following Patterned Pnuemocutaneous Stimulation" The study will be held at UNL Lincoln's Communications Neuroscience Laboratories located at the Barkley Memorial Center on the UNL East Campus, or at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln

View Recruitment Flyer...
View Study Details... 

StrokeSmart Articles 

Helpful Articles from StrokeSmart!
(including how a toothbrush can save your life!):

Details Here...

Bowling Lake Fishing Pier Project 
Valued Sponsors 

Lincoln Stroke Partnership
Nebraska State Stroke Association
BryanLGH Medical Center
St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
Horizon Hospice